Kit James, Executive & Personal Coach & Former Property Head of Sales.

Paul Reynolds, Transformational Coach & Partner at Everoze

Michael Hegarty, Business/Personal Coach & Former Senior Banker.

Chris, as a coach, has an uncanny knack of asking precisely the right question – one that‘s difficult to answer but holds the key to unlocking another level of happiness, or performance. He’s big on getting commitments to take action, and very knowledgeable and well read – a tremendous help in understanding more about how to articulate and achieve my goals.

Ben Goss, Award Winning Entrepreneur & CEO of Dynamic Planner.

In June I was the owner of a business who wanted to begin offering formal coaching, something I had done informally with my clients for years. I dreamed of changing people’s lives more deeply than I can through my business, but didn’t know how to start and was afraid maybe I don’t have what it takes. In addition, my successful business had suffered several very slow months at the beginning of the year and I needed to make sure we created a more solid foundation.

I had recently let go of a previous business coach and had not planned on hiring another coach when I met Chris. After a couple of conversations it became clear to me that hiring Chris had the possibility of helping me become a confident, successful coach and I made the decision to invest in a coaching apprenticeship with him.

Fast forward to November when I made a proposal to an existing client of my business for $100,000. I offered the proposal with complete confidence that the value this client will receive is many times more than the fee. The confidence, program offering, and process for getting to a proposal came directly from my work with Chris.

In addition, Chris has coached me in several areas related to my business, including developing my leadership team, marketing, and product offerings. His knowledge base is so broad and deep that I am constantly in awe. We are implementing the new ideas, and in the first six months of working with Chris we’ve experienced the best two months of revenue in our 14-year history.

Most importantly, between June and November Chris walked with me through an incredibly tough time when my fiancé had emergency surgery only to discover he had cancer. The way that I have walked through this season has been richer and fuller and more true to myself thanks to my work with Chris. He has helped me slow down and allow myself to be present with the situation, and in that place find peace.

Catherine Hammond, Attorney, Founder of Hammond Law Group PC & Coach.

I worked with Chris for a year during the time I transitioned from a big corporate role in a Fortune 10 company to becoming an entrepreneur and launching my own firm as an executive coach to C-Suite leaders and Chiefs of Staff.

I engaged Chris due to his unique background and experiences, which I did not have on my personal board of directors at the time. I wanted his mindset at my table.

Chris helped me with many aspects of building my new business from structure to process to offer-modeling and more. One area where Chris was most helpful to me was as my strategic thought partner in negotiating multiple partnerships for my business this past year. That was an area where I sought support and Chris was an insightful partner to me and was always in my corner. Chris is creative and challenging and offered me alternate perspectives to consider when facing critical decisions, which proved to be invaluable. He’s a terrific sounding board.

Chris is thoughtful, patient, articulate and highly intelligent. He is right where he belongs… working with high performers, doing powerful and transformative work.

I’m very grateful for the work we did together.

Laurie Arron, Trusted Advisor & Executive Coach.

Chris’s unique combination of mindfulness, intellectual depth, and transformational coaching is a new standard for the coaching profession. Specifically, for coaches who seek both mastery of their craft and exponential wealth in their business.

By the time I began my Apprenticeship with Chris, I had reached a degree of ‘conventional success’ within the coaching world. Earning $65k through an invitation and referral-only business model yet still acutely aware that I was not thriving nor, if I’m being honest, entirely sure about my choice to be a coach. A couple years prior, I had quit corporate America to pursue entrepreneurship through coaching high-performers on their fitness and cognitive performance. While I was certain I had made the right transition out of the limiting confinements of conventional work, I still had doubts that coaching was completely in alignment with my deepest purpose.

Fast forward to the end of our 12-month apprenticeship: I had doubled my income, earning $130k in new coaching contracts and travelling across the world to lead deep experiences in Greece, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and remote areas of the United States. Whereas before I was used to the hustle of saying “yes” to opportunities and adding more books, courses, & information to my business plan, by year’s end I had a new problem, learning to say “no” to the many requests for collaboration! I also learned that it is not only possible, but essential to come from a place of ease instead of struggle. All this without having a website, social media presence, or business cards.

Chris took me from a place of conventional success and struggle to exponential success and thriving. And while the hard facts of my transformation are remarkable, the true gift of Chris’s coaching is in his spiritual presence and intellectual rigor. Just as you do not get harmony if there is no space between notes in a song or letters in a poem, I would not have transformed had it not been for the space Chris provided.

Chris was able to spell out the specifics behind why certain coaching conversations with my own clients resulted in tears and insight, while other conversations stayed in the realm of interesting but not transformative. That is, to embody the coaching presence that enables clients to drop below ego and personality, and thus experience directly the unlived potential that is just waiting for the space to be heard.

Derick Deal, High Performance Coach & Experience Creator.

I have worked in the self development industry for over a decade and the reason I have a coach is that I can’t always see what I can’t see. However, given my experience in the industry it takes someone very special and talented to help me see that stuff.

Chris, I’m writing this to thank you for being my coach. You help me keep things simple, you remind me of what is important in my life. You point out the obvious that I couldn’t see and I always feel energised after our sessions. You allow change to happen from a place of love and kindness. You are a great man and a powerful coach. I am glad you are my coach.

Rich Waterman, Strategic Business Advisor, Speaker & Former Investment Banker.

When you start off as a coach transitioning from another career, you quickly realise that there is no manual on how to do it. Especially for those who want to do their own thing rather than follow someone else’s model.

And this is where Chris comes in. He realises that coaches are developing themselves at the same time as they are building their practice. And that is why he continually checks back on your own personal motives and your commitment to the work, while working with you on client creation and coaching approach.

He is credible because of his own transition and the fact that he clearly enjoys what he does. He was recommended to me when I started out. I have worked with him for more than a year and now I in turn recommend him to any coaches starting out.

James Nagle, Coach to First Time Leaders & Former Managing Director at Reckitt Benckiser.

With coaching, it can be easy to focus on surface-level issues, such as how to squeeze a little more space into the day, or deal with a specific problem client. Chris’s gift is his ability to dig deeper, and find opportunities for truly transformative change.

I initially sought out coaching to help manage some of the issues that I worried were holding me back from being the type of person I aspired to be. These included a tendency to over-focus on other people’s reactions to my work, counterproductive anxiety management techniques such as checking email too frequently, and an unwillingness to say no to some things so that I could say yes to the most important things. After my most recent promotion, I knew I wanted to take on bigger, more important tasks. But I also knew that wouldn’t be possible with the way I was currently handling things, and that a change in my impact would need to be preceded by a change in my perspective and approach.

Over the course of my time working with Chris, I noticed several foundational changes. First, I became better able to manage stressors as they came along. This happened through working with Chris’s mindfulness techniques. Although I was already familiar with many mindfulness techniques, his were the first that “clicked” and allowed me to improve my capacity to handle difficult situations. As a result, I find myself calmer on a daily basis, which in turn allows me to be more productive in my work and more present in my relationships. Second, I became less externally driven and more internally driven. This one is still a work in progress, but to give a specific example, I am now less obsessive about checking my email, because I am less focused on what someone else might need in the moment, and more focused on what important things I hope to accomplish on a given day. As a result, I’m better able to reach my goals and, in the long run, I’m finding that the quality of service I give to others is improved as well. As a third example, I sought out a coach in part to develop better habits to allow me to write a book. Here, too, I find that the quality of my writing has improved. It’s not that Chris shared some sort of surface-level productivity suggestion. Rather, Chris helped me focus more on what I truly wanted to say, and less on what I think others might want to hear. This has paid dividends in the quality of the content, and as an added bonus has made the process more enjoyable.

I can’t say enough good things about working with him. He helped me see the world, and how I interact with it, in a fundamentally new way. Chris is simply the best – a coach who truly puts his clients first, and wants to see them succeed. At every meeting, he was deeply present, offering tailored insights that moved beyond best practices to help me make the most of my unique strengths and work on my unique weaknesses. I always felt as if he truly understood me as an individual, and my unique set of goals, ambitions, fears, and concerns. Through this understanding, we were able to tackle some difficult challenges I was facing in a way that far exceeded my expectations.

Chris has a real gift for coaching. His warmth, empathy, compassion, knowledge, and experience come together to create truly life-changing sessions.

After working with him, I don’t simply feel more competent at my job or productive in the office. I feel a fundamental transformation in the way I engage with the world around me. And for that, I am forever grateful. If you’re looking for a coach who will transform the way you see the world, work with Chris. You’ll be glad you did!

Dr. Ryan Fehr, Professor of Management & Fellow at the University of Washington, Seattle & Speaker & Author on Ethics, Leadership & Gratitude.

I originally approached Chris when I was looking for a business coach and was also seeking to understand more about practising mindfulness.

We initially made contact when he was on holiday in France and the first thing that struck me was how much time he was willing to invest during our first telephone call, and again on a subsequent follow up call and then during our first face-to face meeting. This was before we had formally agreed to work together. I had never spoken to anyone about myself in that much depth before, about both my personal life and my career.

We’ve since joked that I felt our sessions were a form of therapy, but in reality I have no doubt that having such an opportunity to talk about all aspects of my life in such depth, with someone who is prepared to listen so patiently and ask just the right insightful and sometimes challenging questions at the right time, has had a very beneficial impact on my mental wellbeing (especially when trying to juggle my business with my family, including 3 young children!).

Chris has helped me to better understand myself and my personality type, he’s a sounding board when I’m trying to work through problems and a trusted guide when I need a nudge to get me back on course. There have been many “light bulb moments” for me during our sessions and Chris has been patient in encouraging me to take action, at my own pace!

I would encourage any coaches that Chris is mentoring to invest as much time and dedication in serving your clients as he does, and you will truly experience success and make a real difference.

Dafydd Edwards FPFS, Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner, Tudor House Chartered Financial Planners.

Chris has shown me what high standards are and helped me to stick to mine and to never compromise them. This has been a big game changer for me personally and for my business. I’ve got literally priceless insights into my own beliefs, values and habits. The understanding of the true value of my work for my clients was like a revelation to me.

Chris served me with his powerful presence empowering myself to take courageous steps. His thinking out of the box gave me the boost l needed.

Chris has the talent to see the essence of the things fast. This makes the progress way faster with him. I felt like Chris has always been very connected to me, knew my struggles like he could read my mind. He saw where I could get myself in trouble and helped me to prevent it.

In our coaching I got in touch with my power again and found the courage to change my passive attitude to building my business as a coach. I could take action I wouldn’t take without Chris, and I got results I probably wouldn’t have gotten without him.

Helping me back to my power, to my true value, to my vulnerability and my high standards Chris helped me to change the way I coach and my way to do business forever. The time spent with him has therefore been priceless. I’ll be forever grateful for it.

Valentina Levant, Executive Coach & Speaker

There is a depth to Chris’s coaching that is something I had never experienced before. His intellect is grounded in his sense of compassion, humour and overall love of humanity! Working with Chris was one of the better decisions I have made and one that I will continue to make for some time.

Sinead Millard, Business & Life Coach.

Chris brings a quality to his work that is both incredibly valuable and seemingly hard to come by these days: deep presence. In Chris’s presence, I felt heard, understood and accepted, and I was blown away by his ability to absorb all the information I’d throw at him and reflect back what was going on beneath the surface with such clarity and calm. Indeed, after spinning my wheels for months, Chris helped me to identify what I was needing most in my life and reconnect with the ‘Big Why’ behind my coaching. Today, I feel a renewed sense of inspiration and agency to bring my vision to life, and remain deeply grateful to Chris for creating a space in which I could find my way back to myself.

Philippe Danielides, Business Coach & Former Wall Street Lawyer.

Choose Chris as your coach you become part of his family… least that’s how it’s felt to me. Chris is authentic in every way and so is his coaching. He coaches from his heart and he coaches to help people transform their lives.

He is kind and calm but don’t let that fool you. He is challenging when necessary and will certainly say it as it is. That happened this week. It hurt but he spoke the truth to me. He is also very sensitive and so knows just how far to go. He went far enough to enable a shift in me that has moved me further towards living who I truly I am, not the me who is apologetic for taking up space on this planet and who hides herself for fear of not being good enough. We all do it!

He gifts a safe space for vulnerability to be shown; raw emotion. Not just mine, but his too. He’s been though the mill himself. He get’s me and he will understand you too. At the same time he is highly professional and his coaching leads you on a journey of deeper self discovery both personally and professionally.

I’ve been working with Chris for over a year and in that time he has challenged me to really think about what I want. There’s been a lot of hard work, laughter, tears and tissues. There have been aha moments related to both my personal and professional life. There have been moments when intellectual knowings have finally become understood by the core of me.

Mindfulness permeates Chris’s coaching. It’s great to have a vision of one’s future but how about accepting ourselves and life exactly as things are now. Do that and the struggling stops. It’s a relief. Chris has taught me that and still has to remind me, even more so lately when a few heavy weight life events have taken the rug from under me. That relief provides a space for growth. My brain is sneaky though and tries to pull me back to my old ways. Chris reminds me!

I have grown immeasurably over the past year or more. I’ve been working on my development for the past 20 years and working with Chris has brought a fresh perspective. A cliche I know but the saying goes ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear’. That has been the case throughout my life and when I first met Chris I knew it was not just a coincidence. If you’re reading this I suggest that you give him a call. Have a conversation with him.

Deborah Harvey, Business Start-Up Expert, Coach & Hypnotherapist.

I wanted to kick up my 14-year coaching practice to a higher level, but didn’t have the confidence or a powerful client creation process. Chris helped me identify the mental blocks that were limiting who I saw myself to be and gave me the practical skills to enroll clients at the scale I wanted. I’ve already recommended him to other experienced coaches.

Kate Gardner, Coach for Extraordinary Leaders & Former Private Investigator on Wall Street.

Chris is an incredibly talented professional and an inspiration. The coaching I have had with him has always been deep, caring, insightful and I have felt 100% understood and propelled forward. Never under estimate the power of deep coaching.

Annelise Pesa, Executive & Leadership Coach.

I am a nurse by profession and a few years ago I qualified as a holistic therapist. I didn’t take the therapies forward at the time but in 2015 I decided I would like to start my own business offering bespoke therapeutic sessions.

I was attending one of Chris’s Mindfulness courses which I found very enjoyable, friendly and professionally delivered. During the Mindfulness course I voiced my desire to start up my own business. Chris offered me a two hour coaching session to discuss how we could take my business idea forward.

I eagerly accepted his offer and those two hours blew me away. So much so, we have had numerous coaching sessions since. These sessions have been invaluable in moving my idea/business forward and I have avoided many of the pit falls.

As we all know, we get side tracked and lose focus at times, which is why it’s so great having Chris as my coach. He keeps me on track, focused and I love discussing aspects of my business and life as Chris is always forth coming with encouragement, suggestions and ideas. Thank you Chris – I wouldn’t have come this far without our sessions.

Gill Bennett, NHS Nurse & Holistic Therapist.

I have been working with Chris for almost a year now. I can thoroughly recommend him because of his authenticity, compassion and highly skilled coaching methods. My journey has been very challenging at times because I had quite a few deep seated beliefs which over time have shifted due to his patience and support. Working with him I have gained the confidence and belief to launch my own business. Also, I have finally found freedom and a healthy attitude towards and around food. Thank you Chris.

Mary Serena Somerville, Mindfulness Coach.

Working with Chris has enabled me to find my own peace. Chris has the ability to enable you to connect with yourself and the beauty that surrounds us.

His way of working is warm and inviting, and his approach is not threatening but facilitates your own growth at your own pace.

I have been able to move past some blocks in both my personal and professional life with a great and caring coach.

Rob Kempson, Memory service manager & Registered NHS nurse.

I have had several ‘formal’ one-to-one coaching sessions with Chris and because I now count him as a close friend, many ‘informal’ mentoring discussions.

If you are sincerely looking for genuine life-changing transformation, I would strongly recommend working with Chris Joseph. He is an incredibly committed person who ‘walks the walk’ with compassion, truth and simplicity.

Phil Thomas, Auditor & Charity Fundraiser.

Committed, open minded and a very insightful coach. Simply great. With his research background, mindful and compassionate approach Chris helped me in making a tough decision and finding my inner voice. Few months later I am still happy about my choice.

We had many follow up discussions and I have no doubts that he is one of the best coaches you can ever meet.

Ola, Research Assistant.

The work we’ve done has allowed me to reassess my life and start to become re-engaged with the genuine person that exists under the guilt and anxiety. I feel better able to cope on a day to day basis and though I still get anxious and feel guilt I am so much better at managing it.

I do feel a lot more empowered now and seem to have created more of a positive cycle for myself rather than a negative spiral. I still have issues to resolve but I can see the ‘Crazy Good’ life on the horizon which was in no way even remotely visible not so long ago. I know I need to work to maintain this but I don’t find this a chore; as I see a tangible benefit, there is no more motivation I need.

Thank you for all your help it has changed my life considerably for the better. This is not only what I think but what others around me have told me too.

Dan Farmer, IT Consultant & Business Owner.

I worked with Chris last year. Just before I started working with him I gave up my job due to my anxiety getting too much. So I did some research online which led me to Chris, and after a few months I was back in work and feeling much better. Chris is a great guy and his coaching helped me so much. Thank you Chris.

Jarrad Jones, Self Employed Electrician and Trader.

Hi Chris,
Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. It was probably the most helpful few hours of my life so far.

Bethan Evans

When you start off as a coach transitioning from another career, you quickly realise that there is no manual on how to do it... and this is where Chris comes in
James Nagle | Coach & Former MD at Reckitt Benckiser
In the first six months of working with Chris we’ve experienced the best two months of revenue in our 14-year history

Catherine Hammond | Attorney

Chris’s unique combination of mindfulness, intellectual depth and transformational coaching is a new standard for the coaching profession

Derick Deal | Experience Creator

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