Participants Feedback for Breathworks Stress Reduction Course

In response to the question “How important has the Breathworks Programme been for you?” the average score of ALL participants was 8.7/10.

The following feedback, from people who have attended the Breathworks mindfulness course, explains why…

“This course is amazing and life-changing. For myself personally mindfulness is a journey of discovery that will enable and assist me in my recovery. This course has changed my life. I was drawn to it at one of the most difficult and traumatic moments of my life and it has assisted me in recognising the change needed and embracing the skills to facilitate this journey. I can’t thank Chris enough – he’s an amazing person and an amazing mindfulness facilitator.” (Kristen)


“On this course I’ve learnt the importance of breathing with awareness and to return to that sensitive sense of being which is kindness to myself and others without judgement. Chris was excellent. Being a practitioner, he lives his practice which I think is essential. This and his experience is what makes him an outstanding and understanding teacher. Chris walks his talk. The group support was amazing – Thank you for a fabulous course and helping me get back on track!” (Emma)


“This Breathworks course has taught me to be kind to myself, to accept things and let go… it has really helped improve my mental health. Chris really knows his stuff and is able to give examples of subjects covered for easier understanding. Fab course – Thank you – I’ll be back!” (Rachel)


“I’ve learnt the enormous benefit of putting yourself in perspective through reconnecting with yourself in a very simple, base way. I’ve also learnt to take pleasure from simply ‘being’ rather than having to rely on external stimuli. I have found the body scan and mindful movements to be the most effective means of doing this. Chris is extremely knowledgeable, articulate and approachable. I found the delivery very well paced and very easy to understand. The exercises and analogies worked well and stuck in my mind. Thank you !!!!!” (Kath)


“As a result of the Breathworks stress reduction course I’ve learnt to focus on my present moment experience. For me the course was a journey into self-discovery that’s provided some lifelong skills. Chris was excellent – his delivery was accessible and precise.” (Martin)


“The course was transformative, fun, enjoyable, educational and inspirational. I found everything useful – e.g. negativity bias, ‘dropping the blanket’ – accepting negative experiences, spending time in the ‘green circle’, primary/secondary experience. Chris is a skilled facilitator – he worked at the pace and level of the group, and was responsive to the group and individual’s needs. He is sensitive and has a great sense of humour.” (Janet)


“This course has given me tools to deal with depression and has raised the importance of my well being. It has enabled me to find perspective and to pace my life in such a way that I don’t fall apart. Chris was excellent. He was empathetic, concise, funny, interesting, and could explain the different aspects of the course very well. He clearly knows his stuff and I’d like to attend more courses to improve my knowledge. He was also available at the end of the telephone or e-mail if need be… Thank you.” (Medi)


“From the Breathworks course I feel that I have gained more self awareness, skills to cope better, and reassurance that it’s not just me who feels like I do! Chris has been a great trainer. He has been using innovative ways to help us remember key points such as the water tanks for the ‘bigger container’ and cushions for ‘primary and secondary’ suffering – they really did help… Thank you very much. I think I will take what I have learnt with me for the rest of my life.” (Einir)


“The Breathworks programme has given me an awareness of my body, my pain and the world. I feel that I can now respond differently to my pain. I already feel great benefits now, and I believe that with ongoing practice my life will be greatly improved. Chris is an excellent trainer. He communicated brilliantly. His understanding of mindfulness and the course was outstanding, and I felt that I could trust him with any concerns I had during the course.” (Ellie)


“I feel more calm on a day to day basis as a result of practicing the techniques from the Breathworks course in everyday life. Chris is a very calm and easy going trainer. He delivers the material well and explains things carefully. I decided to enrol on the course following a recommendation during a CBT session, and I feel the two work well together.” (Faye)


“On this course I have learnt techniques for being mindful in everyday life, such as mindful communication, and I am better able to respond now to certain circumstances, rather than react! I also found it very beneficial to be able to speak to others on the course. Chris is a very effective communicator, and I found the practical examples he gave to be extremely useful. He had a very calming influence on the group and he made me feel comfortable, and I felt as if I could mention as much or as little as I wanted too… Very good course, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to spend some time with (and on) themselves!” (Helen)


“I feel that I’ve got a sense of balance, perspective and an awareness of being a ‘bigger container’ from the Breathworks course. Chris communicated creatively with humour, confidence and humility… The course was most enjoyable.” (Ceri)


“The course was well structured and fun… I have learnt to take some time out for myself. The CD’s are really good for helping with the home practice. Chris was very good at recapping from the previous week, jogging the memory and then building on that information. He made us all feel at ease which enabled us to talk quite openly.” (Rebecca)


“The course has given me better tools to facilitate a more serene lifestyle, building my awareness, and learning to make time for me. I feel I have gained a broader perspective on things. I enjoyed Chris’ subtle yet effective methods of demonstrating key points of the course. He showed a lot of patience and fully supported my progress.” (Christian)


“Through the Breathworks course I’ve recognised the benefit to my overall mood of stopping and giving my brain a chance to rest, reflect and be calm. Chris communicated the material really well – he organised the sessions to cover all the material while remaining relaxed and open to discussion. I thought Chris paced the course well, and broke it up into clear sections, with a clear theme to each section, with images and role play to leave a memorable impression. Thanks – I’ve really enjoyed the course… It’s made a difference to me.” (Kate)


“Breathworks has given me a chance to put into practice, discuss and report back on methods that have helped me feel calmer and cope with anxiety. The routine of the programme has pushed me into practicing these methods regularly which will all round be beneficial to me. The material was explained well and methods were recalled on throughout the weeks. Individuals were given time and chance to speak without feeling pushed and Chris made it a comfortable environment in which to practice in… A successful course! Thank you.” (Bethany)


“The Breathworks course has given me positive and constructive ‘tools’ for life and new ways of seeing the world. Chris was a super tutor. He made me feel involved and welcome even before the course began. He gave excellent and really thoughtful explanations and obviously really cared about what happened on and through the course… I have already recommended the course to others.” (Frances)

When you start off as a coach transitioning from another career, you quickly realise that there is no manual on how to do it... and this is where Chris comes in
James Nagle | Coach & Former MD at Reckitt Benckiser
In the first six months of working with Chris we’ve experienced the best two months of revenue in our 14-year history

Catherine Hammond | Attorney

Chris’s unique combination of mindfulness, intellectual depth and transformational coaching is a new standard for the coaching profession

Derick Deal | Experience Creator

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