Taking Mindfulness Deeper:

One Day Course

Stop, Connect, Create.

Saturday 19th November 2016 – Cardiff



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Title: Taking Mindfulness Deeper: One Day Course.
Date & Time:  Saturday 19th November 2016,
11am – 5pm.
Venue: Cardiff Yoga Studio, 12 St Peters Street, Roath, Cardiff. CF24 3BA.
Tutor: Chris Joseph.
Fee: £67*

*Limited concessionary places available. Please contact us.


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About the course…

Most people only ever scratch the surface of mindfulness. That’s okay. That’s satisfying… to a degree.

Would you like to have a deeper experience?

This day is designed to provide that for you.

We’ll dive deep into meditation together. We’ll explore the rich sensations of the body. We’ll explore the intricacies of the breathe. We’ll explore the transformative power of kindness.

Between meditations we’ll come back. We’ll let our experience settle. We’ll see what comes up for us when our experience meets the reality of our life.

This is not a course with a set curriculum. There is no curriculum. Your questions are the curriculum. The agenda is in the room!

Fear! – Do I have to ask a question?… No!

There are no expectations… other than the willingness to come with an open mind and to explore your experience, whatever that may be.

Whilst there isn’t a set curriculum (which can sometimes serve as a constraint) it is likely that we will explore and learn about, amoungst other topics:

  • mindfulness in the workplace
  • mindfulness in relationships
  • mindfulness and health
  • mindfulness and wealth
  • mindfulness and spirituality.

This day is an invite to you to stop and let your mind settle, to connect more deeply with your experience, and to create choice about how you respond to things in the future.

Who knows what will become possible for you then?

If you’d like to be part of this day, and take your mindfulness deeper, then you can book below.

Look forward to seeing you,


P.S. Guidance will be provided during the meditations on the day, but some prior experience of mindfulness or meditation would be advantageous.

P.P.S. Each ‘Taking Mindfulness Deeper’ course is a unique experiential day where the content is largely taught in response to the specific needs of the group. As such, you are likely to take away a fresh perspective on your mindfulness practice and how it relates to your life, even if you repeat the course multiple times.


Feedback for the course…

“The ‘Taking Mindfulness Deeper’ one day course is a lovely lead-on towards establishing or re-establishing a mindfulness practice. The wealth of life experience in the room, the inspiration that I felt when people shared their experience and the positive change that has occurred through practicing mindfulness are some of the things I’ll take away from the day. I’ve been on a lot of mindfulness training courses and I can say that Chris delivers the material in a fresh and unique way whilst still incorporating the core teachings. A very big thank you – feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.” (Mary)

“This course had a wonderful dynamic today – sharing experiences in an open, honest yet playful way. Chris is a very professional trainer – he allows space for full expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings, which resulted in a lovely flow to the day. Gratitude.” (Phil)

“‘Taking Mindfulness Deeper’ is an excellent course to help you stay motivated, and to help you stay on your mindfulness journey. It’s reminded me that mindfulness is a practice, how ‘loaded’ thoughts can be, and how there are so many great people around (all coping with their own stuff). Great trainer/material and great use of ‘space’ for people to take the day in the direction it was ‘right’ for it go. I love how you incorporate poems, share book titles and generously share aspects of your own journey. Thank you.” (Jules)

“This ‘Taking Mindfulness Deeper’ course is an excellent follow-on or refresher course. Chris’s communication of the material was excellent, and I also learnt from others practicing within the group about the greater benefits of mindfulness.” (Alessa)

“As ever, Chris’s sessions are engaging, insightful, entertaining and energising. This course provides you with a chance to reflect upon and develop your mindfulness practice (whatever stage/state it’s at), with like-minded people who ‘get it’! One of the main things I’ve learnt is the importance of maintaining my practice. I hope to be applying what I’ve learnt today throughout my life, so it’s been great to hear from different people about the different ways it impacts them… Great session – I enjoyed the flexible structure and the chance to discuss things in depth – Best body scan I’ve had in ages!” (Rachel)

“The main things I’ve learnt from this course is that ‘kindness’ meditation is an absolute for my progress, the importance of transition to and from meditation, the effectiveness of meditation irrespective of length and the benefit of group shared experiences. I liked the ‘free agenda’ around exploring meditation practice and I felt energised by taking a ‘day off’ to revisit my practice. Chris expertly balanced ‘teaching moments’ with group discussions of peoples experiences in meditation. I feel that this type of activity done regularly is ‘mandatory’ for a successful practice.” (Guy)

“This course has helped me re-evaluate the importance and benefits of mindfulness practice and I’ve realised how far I’ve come since my first exposure to mindfulness. Chris created an environment that enabled participants to feel very comfortable. It’s been an enjoyable day that I’m glad I attended and it was also lovely to engage with like-minded people.” (Kristen)

“This course is both a refresher and a chance to gain further insight through reflection on one’s own practice and sharing the experience of others. I’ve learnt the importance of making mindfulness an integral part of daily living – not just a ‘slot’ in the day – the 3 minute breathing space plays its part just as much as a longer body scan. Chris is an engaging presenter and also a skilled facilitator, involving course participants in discussion very readily.“ (Douglas)

“I would describe this course as a space for continuing practice, for reminding yourself of why you came to mindfulness and an opportunity to appreciate maybe how far you’ve come since starting mindfulness – a place to share, to meet great people and to have fun. Today has reminded me how much joy I feel when I mix with other like-minded people, how much I enjoy meditation, and how this is a journey that I want to continue on. Chris was very relaxed in his training which put everyone else at ease. It was really nice that you allowed the day to unfold without a rigid agenda.“ (Debbie)

“This course provided a safe and secure environment to explore various aspects of mindfulness, and a flexible format that met the needs of the participants in the room. Chris has a knowledgeable and easygoing style which quickly created a relaxed atmosphere which lasted throughout the day. Thank you.” (Sharon)

“I’ve learnt how self-criticism applies to us all and how self love/self acceptance is the key – There was a lovely energy to the group. Chris has a lovely gentle manner and he presents the course material with a humour that puts everyone at ease – Great choice of poetry and other teachings. Some of the exercises made me realise how far I have come in the last few years – a good day course refresher for those already on the path – Thank you Chris.” (Penny)



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