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When you’re the smartest person in the room who do you turn to for support?

You don’t!

You probably feel like you can’t turn to anyone! Not fully at least.

You might have been ‘burned’ in the past, or seen others burned?

You realise that asking for help is probably a smart thing to do, but it’s simply not high on your list of skills. 

And, yet you know you’re smart, otherwise you wouldn’t have achieved what you’ve achieved – right? You see things others don’t, at a speed that sometimes frightens you. 

Your strong conventional success likely comes with an accompanying narrative – shame? – guilt? – imposter feelings? – where do I go from here? – can I ‘risk’ it all? – who can I trust and confide in? – and, who can really challenge me?

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Chris. I’m a former engineer with a doctorate turned high-level coach – and, like you, these were my biggest problems too.

Now, this is my job. To meet the smartest people in the room of the world.

I help smart people become EVEN smarter, but NOT in the way you’d think.

The rule book for conventional success, which ALL of my clients have achieved is NOT the same as that for EXTRAORDINARY success, which ALL of my clients desire.

I know because I’ve been there.

I spent a decade of my life honing my intellect. I achieved a PhD in computational mechanics. I became a published author. I sat on an international scientific committee and was working on a joint European patent application for my work… and I got burned-out!

I spent half a decade growing a family investment portfolio worth $1.4 million, only to find out that it was a Ponzi scheme!

And then I lost one of the most important relationships of my life, when my mother died of a sudden heart attack, linked to a lifelong muscle wastage disease that she’d worked with.

I’ve had everything and lost everything.

It is through this personal journey of re-invention and re-creation that I have learned the secrets of extra-ordinary success – the very same secrets that I now teach my clients.

My clients include the chief of staff for a fortune 10 company, a woman who has worked in mission control, a former private investigator on Wall Street, a managing director for a large multi-national company, a Wall Street attorney, an ex-personal advisor to the former Prime Minister of the UK, a London investment banker and business owners with multi-million dollar turnovers.

I specialise in:

  • Helping already successful business owners with turnovers in excess of $1 million grow their business substantially from a place of ease.
  • Helping successful business owners and senior corporate executives bring coaching into their pre-existing business or transition into coaching full time (see my coaching apprenticeship).
  • Helping already successful coaches and consultants grow their business exponentially from the inside-out (see my coaching apprenticeship).

The clients I work with all meet three criteria:

  1. They are committed.
  2. They are fun to be around.
  3. They are ready to invest in themselves.


Investments for coaching with Chris range from £20,000 to £250,000 (+VAT for UK clients). 

All fees are paid prior to the first coaching session and are non-refundable.

If you are interested in working together, please contact me stating what it is that you want to create?

Serious and appropriate enquiries only.

When you start off as a coach transitioning from another career, you quickly realise that there is no manual on how to do it... and this is where Chris comes in
James Nagle | Coach & Former MD at Reckitt Benckiser
In the first six months of working with Chris we’ve experienced the best two months of revenue in our 14-year history

Catherine Hammond | Attorney

Chris’s unique combination of mindfulness, intellectual depth and transformational coaching is a new standard for the coaching profession

Derick Deal | Experience Creator

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