Participants Feedback for Weight Loss Introduction Course

The following feedback is from people who have attended the Mindfulness for Weight Loss Introduction Course:

“This is an excellent introduction to how we end up stuck in patterns of unhealthy eating and behavior in relation to food. Also, an excellent introduction to mindfulness practice and how this can help us to make choices that are kinder to us. The main thing I have learnt is really about myself – the fact that I need to practice / be kinder / re-engage with ME! Chris’ communication of the material is clear and considered.” (Debbie)


“The main things I’ve learnt from this mindfulness for weight loss introduction course is the importance of connecting with my body and being kind to myself. I found it useful in gaining an understanding of how our minds and bodies work in relation to food and self image etc. Chris is very clear and compassionate in his delivery and has very good subject and personal knowledge. Thank you.” (Rhian)


“I’ve learnt to connect to the body, food and also others – it’s not just about food as a separate entity. This introduction course provides a way of understanding your habits, misconceptions and attitude towards yourself and food, in order to change eating behaviours for the long term – and most importantly not suffer whilst doing it… As usual Chris’ exceptional knowledge was shared in a practical and understandable way. Thank you – I have gained valuable insight from today’s course and I will continue to practice.” (Medi)


“I’ve learnt different ways of relating to food and what, when and how we are eating. For future participants I’d say the session is interesting, give it a go! It could change your ways of looking at dieting!” (Carol)


“This session has helped me to recognise emotional need and physical hunger and to begin to learn to distinguish between them. As a practitioner and teacher Chris is clear and keeps things accessible and practical – always coming back to the body sensations to listen.” (Emma)


“The session today has been very insightful and useful. I’ve learnt what eating mindfully is and how it makes a difference. Chris is mindful and can adjust and adapt to the varying dynamics of each scenario within the group.” (Kristen)


“I’ve enjoyed my first mindfulness session. I’ve learnt to be aware and mindful of my body’s needs and wants. Chris speaks clearly and has a very calming voice when doing the meditations. Very interesting course – would definitely recommend to friends and family! Look forward to practicing techniques and further mindfulness courses! Thank you.” (Gill)


“Fully understanding the importance of CONNECTION is the main thing I’ve learnt, and the ‘connection triad’ was very helpful. The material presented is innovative, cutting edge and potentially life changing. Chris is professional, playful, clear and concise. Today has helped take my mindfulness practice to another level!” (Phil)


“Today’s course has taught me the difference between physical and emotional hunger, and how the body processes sugar – ‘the sugar rush’. It’s been very insightful – It makes you stop and think “Why am I eating this?” “Do I really need or want it?” – Interesting! Chris is a very calm person and puts the course over in a very simplified way, and it was very easy for a ‘lay person’ to understand. Thank you, an afternoon well spent.” (Shirley)


When you start off as a coach transitioning from another career, you quickly realise that there is no manual on how to do it... and this is where Chris comes in
James Nagle | Coach & Former MD at Reckitt Benckiser
In the first six months of working with Chris we’ve experienced the best two months of revenue in our 14-year history

Catherine Hammond | Attorney

Chris’s unique combination of mindfulness, intellectual depth and transformational coaching is a new standard for the coaching profession

Derick Deal | Experience Creator

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